Belfast Socialist Party members sending their solidarity to Mohamed Satti 

Ali Feruz freed from Russian prison

Journalist, trade unionist and LGBT+ rights campaigner Ali Feruz has been released from prison in Russia after a six-month campaign of solidarity. After helping to expose brutality against gay men in Chechnya, which was tolerated by the Russian government, Ali was arrested on bogus grounds and threatened with deportation to Uzbekistan, the country of his birth where he had already suffered horrific torture at the hands of the state for highlighting government corruption. Socialist Alternative in Russia and the Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI) – to which the Socialist Party is affiliated – helped organise international protests to demand Ali’s freedom. Finally, he has been released and he and his partner have been granted asylum in Germany.

Sudan: Mohamed Satti released

Sudanese socialist Mohamed Satti was one of hundreds of activists arrested as part of a wave of government repression following protests sparked by food price hikes in the country. Initially, his family was denied the right to visit him or even to know where he was being held. However, an international solidarity campaign spearheaded by socialists in the CWI put the regime under pressure and made it a liability to keep him imprisoned. After two weeks, Mohamed Satti was released. However, hundreds of political prisoners remain in custody. The workers’ movement internationally must raise awareness of this repression and demand its end.

Free Zahid Baloch! Action needed!

In Sweden, political refugee and torture survivor Zahid Baloch – a member of the Socialist Justice Party – has been arrested for breaking EU asylum regulations and is threatened with deportation. Zahid suffered horrific physical and sexual assault at the hands of the military in Pakistan, which has left him traumatised and physically ill. His case is well documented and has been discussed at the UN Human Rights Commission.
Having been denied asylum in Norway, Zahid moved to Sweden where has settled and made a life for himself, becoming active in community life. Arrested under a state clampdown on ‘illegal’ immigration, he is now threatened with deportation to Norway and then potentially to Pakistan, where he would face further violence or even death. Members of his family have been killed by the state and others continue to face harassment.

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