The ‘wolfpack’ case – a disgrace!

The scandalous verdict given by Pamplona court in the case against the ‘Manada’ (the wolf-pack) rapist gang, has enraged millions of women, young people and a majority of men, as was seen in the massive demonstrations which took place around the country only hours after the sentence was pronounced on 26 April.

This sentence shows the double standards of “justice” in this system full of Francoist reactionaries. On the one hand, young people, tweeters, rappers, are jailed for criticising the monarchy and PP corruption on social media and in songs; books are withdrawn from circulation and magazines are censored; police are deployed at football matches to confiscate yellow t-shirts because they “incite violence”. On the other hand, corrupt politicians walk free, fascists are cleared of violent attacks, and violence against women is treated with impunity.

The sentence in the case of the Manada rapists fits in with the latter: it is a mockery and disrespect towards a young woman who was savagely attacked by a group of men. This court judgement in effect legalises rape in practice, and puts all women in danger before any predator who knows they will be protected by the “justice” system.

We cannot allow this! We must turn our anger into organisation and struggle. The Sindicato de Estudiantes, together with the socialist feminist platform, Libres y Combativas, is calling for a great student general strike on 10 May, which stops classes in schools and universities, and we call on all young people to participate massively in protests at 12 noon. In this great strike we will show our rejection of this sexist justice system – and demand the sacking of all judges responsible – our opposition to the corruption and the attacks on democratic rights underway, as well as showing our full solidarity to the victim of this horrendous aggression.

Sindicato de Estudiantes (Students’ Union). Republished from the website of the CWI.