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NHS Staff Reaching Breaking Point

NHS Staff Reaching Breaking Point

Our health service is nearing the precipice, but the damage can be reversed. As a health worker, I need my own union, NIPSA, and the union movement as a whole to step up – to defend our right to a decent standard of living, not to scratch out an existence from month to month; to fight for public ownership of all parts of our health services.

Student sit-down in Donegall Square East, Belfast, N Ireland, as part of the civil rights campaign, the precursor to the N Ireland Troubles. The guy with microphone is Kevin Boyle, who went on to become a university law lecturer. Ref: Student_sit-down_CRA_Campaign_196810160240a.

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October 1968 – mass revolt against sectarianism & poverty

Ensuring that such movements are armed with socialist ideas – of the importance of class unity, and conscious anti-sectarianism – is vital if these movements are to challenge the sectarian parties and transform society forever.

Four-day week possible – but not without struggle

Four-day week possible – but not without struggle

The Trades Union Congress (TUC) in Britain has called for the introduction of a four-day working week. TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady compared this demand to previous milestone achievements such as the eight-hour day achieved in the 19th century and the two-day weekend won in the 20th century. Unfortunately, no specific time frame has been targeted other than… this century!

Why I joined the Socialist Party

For someone who did not grow up with Marx in the household, the road to joining a socialist party is not straight and easy like a motorway. Instead it is a meandering and confusing country path, involving many twists and turns.