Act against austerity

  The case for joint coordinated industrial action By John McInally, national vice-president of the PCS civil servants’ union (personal capacity) In light of recent setbacks for the working class, does the trade union movement need to reconsider how it uses industrial action? Since the 1970s the capitalist class has […]

Sussex: Suspended occupation student speaks to Socialist Students

Five students have been suspended at Sussex University for taking part in an occupation. One of the five spoke to Socialist Students NUS executive member Edmund Schluessel on 4 December. “Yesterday [3 December] the Bramber House occupation of the Conference Centre left to join the picket lines on Sussex campus, […]

SNP’s white paper will not deliver decisive change

By Philip Stott, Socialist Party Scotland The Scottish Government has produced its white paper on Scottish independence. This “blueprint for a better Scotland”, as described by the SNP’s first minister Alex Salmond, is a prospectus for a continuation of the profit-driven system of capitalism that will fail to deliver an […]

Boris – it’s the system, stupid

Editorial from The Socialist (England & Wales) So Boris Johnson, the London Tory mayor, thinks working class people are poor because they are of low intelligence. His comment that “16% of our species have an IQ below 85” and that is “surely relevant” to “a conversation on inequality” has caused […]

How ‘red’ is Ed?

Time to gather forces for a real workers’ alternative is now By Peter Taaffe, from Socialism Today (November 2013 issue) A few popular, focus-group tested words by Ed Miliband at Labour Party conference have had an electrifying effect. The Tories and their rabid right-wing press howl in indignation, while the […]

Socialist ideas are the Mail’s real target

Editorial of The Socialist (England & Wales) With good reason big business is accustomed to the main political parties doing its bidding – legislating for easy profits from privatisation of public services, cutting corporation tax and undermining workers’ rights. So when Ed Miliband’s speech at this autumn’s Labour conference proposed […]

Glasgow City Council workers walkout

By Philip Stott, 16th September 2013 Around 60 Glasgow City Council staff, Unison members employed as part of the Social Work Homeless Team, have agreed to walk out on unofficial action tomorrow in protest at the suspension of a Unison member on Friday and anger over caseloads. A member of […]

Fracking the Tories’ green mask

Transforming energy efficiency requires ending the waste of the anarchic market system By Pete Dickenson, from Socialism Today, monthly magazine of the Socialist Party (CWI England and Wales) The British Chancellor [chief finance minister] George Osborne has announced that there will be massive tax breaks for firms involved in extracting […]