Con-Dems in crisis – Now bring them down

Name the day for a 24-hour general strike! Commentary from the Socialist Party, CWI in England and Wales The Con-Dem government has suffered a huge defeat over Syria and its plan for UK involvement in a US-led attack. After being humiliated in the House of Commons vote, David Cameron has […]

Miliband’s ‘Clause Four moment’

Editorial of the Socialist, paper of the Socialist Party in England & Wales Ed Miliband’s decision to rush through the end of trade union bloc affiliation to the Labour Party at a special conference next spring has all the symbolism of Tony Blair’s ‘Clause Four moment’ in 1995. That was […]

Urgent – Trade unions must build a political voice for the working class

“If others want to stick around and be insulted by those whose only interest is our money and not our ideas then that’s a matter for them.” RMT general secretary Bob Crow made it clear that the Labour leadership’s attack on the unions, and Unite in particular, should be a […]

People’s Assembly: Leaders sidestep strategy for victory

By Judy Beishon , Socialist Party England & Wales Executive Committee Comedian and actress Francesca Martinez summed up the mood of the 22 June People’s Assembly (PA) in London when she told the closing rally: “We don’t have a coalition between the Tories and Liberal Democrats, we have a coalition […]

People’s Assembly and fighting the cuts

Cuts can be beaten! Trade unions – call a 24-hour general strike By Judy Beishon, Socialist Party England & Wales Executive Committee The People’s Assembly on 22 June has attracted considerable support, which shows the widespread anger against government cuts – and the will to defeat them. This assembly should […]

Scandal of police attempt to denigrate Lawrence family

Leaders of Youth Against Racism in Europe (YRE) call for genuinely independent enquiry The news that an undercover police officer was tasked with trying to find out any information that could discredit Stephen Lawrence’s family is terrible and shocking, but unfortunately not surprising. Last year’s revelations of police attempts to […]

Statement on Woolwich killing

No to terrorism! No to racism! No to war! Greenwich Socialist Party (CWI England & Wales), London The unprovoked, barbaric and vicious murder of an unarmed soldier in Woolwich yesterday is a horrific event which must have been profoundly traumatic for the people who witnessed it, and, of course, an […]

Capitalist parties rejected: Time for a new mass workers’ party

The results of the county council election on 2 May marked a new low for all three major parties in Britain. For the first time ever not one of them got 30% or more of the vote, Labour scored 29%, the Tories 25% and the Liberal Democrats a dismal 14%. […]