Scottish Anti-Bedroom Tax Federation launched

By Nicola Crawford and Jim McFarlane Saturday 27th April saw over 250 delegates and visitors from across the length and breadth of Scotland attend the conference to found the ‘All Scottish Anti Bedroom Tax Federation’. Delegates represented 70 local anti-bedroom tax campaigns. Also sending delegates were four trade union branches […]

Labour shows no opposition to austerity

By Daniel Waldron, Labour must abandon “austerity-lite” policies and put forward a radical, left-wing alternative or face electoral disaster – that’s the message from Len McCluskey, General Secretary of Unite, the largest union in Britain and Ireland. Most significantly, he has said that Unite and other unions will have to […]

Thatcher’s brutal anti-working class legacy

Reacting to the death of Margaret Thatcher, Daniel Waldron – a spokesperson for the Socialist Party – said: “Socialists won’t be shedding a tear for Margaret Thatcher today. We are still paying the price for her neo-liberal policies, which sewed the seeds of the economic crisis being foisted on the […]

Scrap the bedroom tax

Cap rents not benefits Cap rents not benefits – mansions and tower blocks – millionaires taxes get cut, bedroom tax imposed On 1 April David Cameron’s government of the rich will unveil their vicious ‘bedroom tax’. Council house and housing association (HA) tenants over 21 and under pension age who […]

Tories lies on wages exposed

According to new research published by the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) more than £50 billion has been lost from the economy in reduced wages. This staggering figure gives a new outlook on the recent trend in the official unemployment figures in Britain. While the economy contracted in the […]

Credit rating downgrading proves that austerity isn’t working

Socialists call for mass movement to stop the cuts Hannah Sell, Socialist Party deputy general secretary says: “The government has justified brutal austerity by saying that it would reduce the deficit and protect Britain’s AAA credit rating. “As we warned the opposite has happened. The deadline for cutting the deficit […]

Cracks in government coalition

We must take advantage of the divided enemy Back when the Con-Dem (Conservative Party and Liberal Democrat) coalition government was young, and Nick Clegg (LibDem Deputy PM) and David Cameron (Conservative PM) were singing each other’s praises in a rose garden, Cameron did show some foresight of the open warfare […]

2013: Prepare for a mighty battle against deeper cuts

2013: Prepare for a mighty battle against deeper cuts

The coming year, like 2012, will be one of intense struggles by the working class in Britain, Europe and the world. Five years into the most devastating capitalist economic crisis since the 1930s, the ruling classes continue to unload the burden for this onto the shoulders of the working class. […]