Credit rating downgrading proves that austerity isn’t working

Socialists call for mass movement to stop the cuts Hannah Sell, Socialist Party deputy general secretary says: “The government has justified brutal austerity by saying that it would reduce the deficit and protect Britain’s AAA credit rating. “As we warned the opposite has happened. The deadline for cutting the deficit […]

Cracks in government coalition

We must take advantage of the divided enemy Back when the Con-Dem (Conservative Party and Liberal Democrat) coalition government was young, and Nick Clegg (LibDem Deputy PM) and David Cameron (Conservative PM) were singing each other’s praises in a rose garden, Cameron did show some foresight of the open warfare […]

2013: Prepare for a mighty battle against deeper cuts

The coming year, like 2012, will be one of intense struggles by the working class in Britain, Europe and the world. Five years into the most devastating capitalist economic crisis since the 1930s, the ruling classes continue to unload the burden for this onto the shoulders of the working class. […]

Monarchy – not just a ‘harmless relic’


The government will be hoping that the Jubilee flotilla of 1,000 ships on the river Thames will serve as a useful distraction while it pushes through more swingeing cuts. But, as Becci Heagney explains, the Diamond Jubilee is more than just a diversion. Behind the pomp and circumstance, the existence of the monarchy poses a potential threat to the fight against austerity and more.

Coulson charged – Sheridan conviction must be overturned

Andy Coulson, David Cameron’s former director of communications, has been arrested and charged with perjury as part of the Strathclyde police investigation into evidence given at the Tommy Sheridan trial in 2010. Coulson who was called as a witness by Tommy Sheridan during his perjury trial denied in court knowing anything about a culture of phone hacking at the News of the World when he was editor or payments to corrupt police officers. “I don’t accept there was a culture of phone hacking at the NoW. There was a very unfortunate, to put it mildly, case involving Clive Goodman. No one was more sorry about it than me; that’s why I resigned.”