Corbyn challenge:­ a very welcome political upheaval

Jeremy Corbyn, with his rejection of austerity, has become a lightning rod for an impressive display of mass anger at declining living standards and the plight of young people faced with poverty wages and the lack of affordable housing. His bold stand rapidly became an outlet for the pent up anger and frustration at the years of cuts, privatisation and wage restraint that have been suffered.

Corbyn's Campaign Rocks Establishment

The Labour Party bureaucracy, the big business media and the entire establishment have been shocked by the momentum developing behind Corbyn’s campaign. Supporters of the other three candidates have been urged to transfer to each other to try to block a left-wing leadership. Tony Blair and Neil Kinnock were wheeled […]

City of London fills with defiance against austerity

A vast mass of people compressed into the streets next to the Bank of England on Saturday 20 June, eager to show their anger and opposition to the Tory government’s vicious austerity agenda. Estimates of the huge turnout ranged from 70,000 to over 200,000. The mood was very buoyant, as […]

How can we stop austerity?

Below we reprint this article by Hannah Sell, Socialist Party England and Wales deputy general secretary. Hannah will be speaking at two public meeting in Northern Ireland next week. On Thursday 25th June- 7.30 in Holiday Inn Belfast and Friday 26th June- 7.30 in the City Hotel Derry Just six […]