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Coolmoyne House Fire – Lessons of Grenfell Not Learned

In the wake of the Grenfell Tower disaster, the immediate response of the Housing Executive in maintaining its 32 high-rise blocks was to check the fire extinguishers and put up informational posters attempting to reassure residents that, if a fire did occur, the situation was prepared for and safety checks […]

NIPSA General Council Elections 2018: Vote Broad Left!

NIPSA General Council Elections 2018: Vote Broad Left!

  2018 has opened with a crisis across our entire health service. Working people are both worried and angry – worried about the service they will receive if they become ill and angry about the unending programme of austerity which has chipped away at our public services. Previously, the Northern […]

With a show of hands a majority of Belfast, N Ireland's shipyard workers attending a 3rd May 1977 well-supported meeting, vote against supporting the UUAC promoted general strike. The meeting was addressed by shop steward Sandy Scott. 197706030111

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Reclaiming Our History: Common History, Common Struggle – Peter Hadden

2018 marks the fiftieth anniversary of what is commonly accepted to be the start of the “Troubles”. In a few brief months in 1968 and 1969, Northern Ireland changed forever. A chain of events mobilised tens of thousands of young people, both Catholic and Protestant, in a mass movement which challenged the Unionist government and briefly posed the possibility of a revolutionary transformation of society.

Bombardier Jobs Threat: Market Fails Workers, Public Ownership the Solution

Bombardier Jobs Threat: Market Fails Workers, Public Ownership the Solution

The US International Trade Commission will decide on 1st February whether to uphold 300% tariffs on Bombardier’s innovative C-Series jet as a result of complaints made by Boeing. If upheld, this effectively blocks sales and leasing of the C-Series within the US, which represents 50% of the market, and puts in jeopardy the entire programme. Without the C-Series programme, the future of Bombardier in Northern Ireland is very much at risk.