South: This weak government can be beaten

By Paul Murphy TD “The reality is that a small clique of hard-left, Trotskyite politicians, who are quite upfront about seeking to overthrow the current system, are now arguably setting the political agenda.” (Shane Coleman, Irish Independent 17 May 2016) Although he exaggerates, Coleman captures an important part of the […]

South: Government routed in general election

Establishment parties in crisis, as a new Left rises Ireland’s Fine Gael/Labour Party coalition government was routed in general elections on 26 February. A deep class anger at the government’s austerity, especially at the Labour Party’s betrayal of working people, saw voters inflict a humiliating defeat on both parties. While […]

Marriage referendum in the South: A Historic victory for Equality!

The Yes vote the Marriage Equality referendum represented a huge vote in support of equality for LGBTQ people and in support of progress and social change. The streets of Dublin and other cities were packed with people celebrating a victory which was the culmination of decades of struggle by LGBTQ […]

After southern referendum victory: Step up the fight for marriage equality!

The landslide endorsement of marriage equality for same-sex couples in the Southern referendum is a historic victory for LGBT rights. 62% voted ‘Yes’ with a turnout much higher than most referendums. Tens of thousands of new voters registered in the run up to the poll while thousands of Irish citizens […]

Trade unions & Sinn Fein: Dangerous times

The trade unions in Northern Ireland are a vital anti-sectarian force that unites over 200,000 Protestant and Catholics working class people.During the Troubles – it wasn’t the Orange or Green politicians that combated sectarianism and stopped society going over the edge to civil war. It was working class people who […]