North & South: Separate Church & State!

North & South: Separate Church & State!

  In 2015, a referendum was held to allow the people in the South to decide whether same-sex marriage should be legalised – 62% of voters supported legalisation and in turn defied the dominance of the Catholic Church within state policy. However, the political establishment have since shown no sign […]

North & South: People Demand  Abortion Rights NOW!

North & South: People Demand Abortion Rights NOW!

It’s 50 years since the 1967 Abortion Act was passed in Britain, and yet, women in Northern Ireland are still denied the right to choose. Making abortions illegal hasn’t stopped women from having them. It has simply forced them to travel abroad at great cost, risk criminalisation for accessing abortion pills or put their lives at risk with other, dangerous methods of termination.

Jobstown trial exposes role of the state

Jobstown trial exposes role of the state

At the end of April, the biggest political trial in Ireland for a generation began with seven activists facing charges of false imprisonment for taking part in a sit-down protest and slow march. Should there be a guilty verdict, the defendants face a maximum sentence of ten years and it will set a dangerous precedent for the future of protest and social movements.

Protest is not a crime! Jobstown Not Guilty!

  By Andrew Farley Beginning this month, 17 people will be on trial in the South, facing charges of false imprisonment for engaging in a sit-down protest. The verdict will have far-reaching implications for the right to protest and social activism in general, particularly if the defendants are found guilty. […]

#JobstownNotGuilty trials begin… Irish state criminalises right to protest

By Paul Murphy TD Despite the expectations of many that the #JobstownNotGuilty protesters would not go to trial, the first charged for false imprisonment is due to start his trial on 19 September. Next year, another 18 face charges, which could result in up to life imprisonment. These are the […]

South: This weak government can be beaten

By Paul Murphy TD “The reality is that a small clique of hard-left, Trotskyite politicians, who are quite upfront about seeking to overthrow the current system, are now arguably setting the political agenda.” (Shane Coleman, Irish Independent 17 May 2016) Although he exaggerates, Coleman captures an important part of the […]

South: Government routed in general election

Establishment parties in crisis, as a new Left rises Ireland’s Fine Gael/Labour Party coalition government was routed in general elections on 26 February. A deep class anger at the government’s austerity, especially at the Labour Party’s betrayal of working people, saw voters inflict a humiliating defeat on both parties. While […]