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Belfast Met Students’ Union President challenges Stephen Farry on Zero-Hour Contracts

In response to Minister Stephen Farry’s refusal to ban zero-hour contracts, Courtney Robinson – President of Belfast Met Students’ Union and representative of Socialist Youth said: “According to DEL Minister Stephen Farry, he won’t ban zero-hour contracts because it could deny people employment opportunities. I would challenge him to find […]

Socialists Spark Referendum on Student Strike at Queen’s University

Today, Socialist Party members at Queen’s University have submitted a petition to the Students’ Union with the necessary number of signatures to trigger a referendum on whether students should strike against austerity alongside staff. The referendum is provisionally expected to take place on Thursday 26th February with the potential strike on Friday 13th […]

Stormont's Education Cuts: Time to fight for our futures!

Once again, the sectarian parties in Stormont have shown that when it comes to slashing education, they are far from divided. Huge cuts have been agreed to the education budget and the Department of Employment and Learning that will materialise into massive losses in further and higher education places and […]

#SaveStMarys – Fight Stormont's Education Cuts!

#SaveStMarys – Fight Stormont's Education Cuts!

The proposed cuts to St. Mary’s College – which threaten to force it to close after over 100 years – are an indictment of the devastating effects of Stormont’s austerity on our education system. Across the board, further and higher education institutions are facing a 10.8% funding cut. The additional […]

Interview: No cuts to college & university places!

Interview: No cuts to college & university places!

Courtney Robinson is a member of Socialist Youth from East Belfast who was recently elected as Belfast Met Students Union President. She has been a consistent anti-sectarian fighter who has constantly challenged sexism and homophobia and has fought for working class and young people’s interests. Through Socialist Youth and Youth […]

Students’ union President calls for “major demonstration” against cuts

Students’ union President calls for “major demonstration” against cuts

Courtney Robinson – newly elected President of Belfast Met Students’ Union – has issued a call for the students’ movement in Northern Ireland to organise a major demonstration on November 19th. This comes in the wake of the announcement of 15% cuts in government funding across further and higher education […]

Ban zero-hour contracts

Fight for decent conditions and pay The scale of the use of super-exploitative zero-hours contracts has been revealed. A recent Unite the Union survey showed that 5.5 million workers – more than 10 times the government’s estimate – were forced to sign up to low wage, precarious working conditions in […]

Young people, austerity & mental health

Three quarters of a million young people in Britain believe they have nothing to live for, according to a recent report from the Princes Trust. The findings showed that 40% of young people have faced symptoms of mental illness, including self-loathing and panic attacks, as a direct result of being […]