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Pupils chase hated Gove around their school

Education minister Michael Gove recently accused ‘left wing academics’ of using Blackadder Goes Forth as propaganda in the teaching of the First World War. On reflection, he may regret his decision to visit the school of a former pupil who played the part of one of the characters, Captain Darling. […]

1000 Stream jobs “mirage” exposed

Assembly has utterly failed to deliver decent jobs Stream’s announcement of “creating” nearly a thousand new jobs has been labelled a “mirage” today. Responding to the announcement of 1,000 new jobs in Belfast, Socialist Party spokesperson Paddy Meehan has claimed “in reality these jobs have been shifted from Derry to […]

Zero Tolerance for Zero-hours!

Zero-hour contracts  have hit the headlines with a bang. One million workers – more than four times as many as previously thought – are on zero-hour contracts. For those unlucky enough to be counted in this statistic, there are no guaranteed hours, no guaranteed work, and no guaranteed pay. You […]

Reinstate Sean Boyle at SERC Students Union!

Dear friends, Youth Fight for Jobs & Education activist Sean Boyle has been removed from his position as Lisburn Campus President of SERC Students’ Union following a vote at a meeting of the Union’s Executive yesterday. He is accused of bringing the union and college into disrepute. This follows a […]

EMA protesters disrupt proceedings at the Assembly

Protesters from a Unite-backed campaign group Youth Fight for Jobs & Education disrupted proceedings in the Assembly chamber this morning in protest at planned cuts to EMA. As Minister for Employment & Leaning Stephen Farry rose to speak, six young protesters stood up, unfurled posters and began to chant. They […]

Protest against cuts to EMA

Join the Protests against cuts to EMA BELFAST – 4.30pm Thursday 14 March, Belfast City Hall ENNISKILLEN – 1pm Saturday 9 March, The Diamond Called by Youth Fight for Jobs & Education What are the proposals for the future of EMA? After a sham ‘consultation’ which most students knew nothing […]

Assembly announces cuts to EMA – Young people must fight back!

Assembly announces cuts to EMA – Young people must fight back!

By Neil Moore, Youth Fight for Jobs & Education The cuts jointly proposed by Ministers Stephen Farry (Alliance Party) and John O’Dowd (Sinn Féin) today would see 4,000 young people lose the payment entirely. We can be sure that, if this cut is allowed to pass, the politicians will come […]

Government loses court ruling – Stop ‘Workfare’ Now!

Court of Appeal rules against government on ‘workfare’ We demand all ‘workfare’ schemes are shut down immediately Cait Reilly’s victory in the Court of Appeal today has dealt a massive blow to the government’s work programme. The court ruled that being forced to work in Poundland for nothing but unemployment […]