Women’s Rights

A socialist perspective on the sex industry & prostitution

By Laura Fitzgerald    With governments North and South considering changing the laws relating to prostitution, Laura Fitzgerald makes a contribution to the debate surrounding the sex industry and gives her views on what approach socialists should take to it The sex industry represents one of the biggest growing legal […]

Women and the Struggle for Socialism: It doesn’t have to be like this

It doesn’t have to be like this Written by Christine Thomas Introduction At the turn of the millennium we were promised that women’s equality was just around the corner – and to many it really did seem possible. We had travelled such a long way compared to our grandparents and […]

Combating violence against women

Hannah Sell, on behalf of the Socialist Party (CWI England & Wales) Executive Committee A socialist perspective on fighting women’s oppression A statement ’our movement must be a safe place for women’ by two UNISON [Britain’s biggest public sector trade union] activists, Marsha-Jane Thompson and Cath Elliot, has been posted […]