Women’s Rights

Domestic violence: 3 reported cases every hour

By Ann Orr, In 2012, 1,220 racist attacks were reported to the PSNI. Reports of sectarian attacks numbered 2,261. In the same time frame more than 27,000 instances of domestic abuse were reported to the PSNI. This equates to around 3 every hour. In all three cases, reality is likely […]

Sexism alive and well in Stormont

By Courtney Taylor, Recently it was announced that beauty pageant, Miss Ulster 2013 would be held in Stormont, parliament buildings. The event was to be jointly hosted by Basil McCrea and John McCallister of NI21 and Dolores Kelly, SDLP. The same parties that are controlling women’s reproductive rights, thought that […]

Women demand access to abortion services

The Northern Ireland Executive must immediately unblock any restrictions on the right of women to access abortion services in Northern Ireland, according to the Socialist Party. Lucy Simpson described the circumstances facing women in need of termination of pregnancies as “traumatising, unsafe and unacceptable”. The Northern Ireland Executive has come […]

A socialist perspective on the sex industry & prostitution

By Laura Fitzgerald    With governments North and South considering changing the laws relating to prostitution, Laura Fitzgerald makes a contribution to the debate surrounding the sex industry and gives her views on what approach socialists should take to it The sex industry represents one of the biggest growing legal […]