Women’s Rights

Abortion Pill Drone Protest Exposes State Hypocrisy

By Courtney Robinson Stormont are notorious for never reaching an agreement on anything (except, perhaps, austerity). In the midst of the sectarian bickering, there is an issue where the main parties share common ground. The issue in question is abortion rights. Not one of the five main parties supports free, […]

Why I Joined the Socialist Party

By Sarah Campton I didn’t know of the Socialist Party until recently. When I learned more about it, I realised that I shared my views with an entire party. A massive part of joining was that I now have a platform to be an activist. I thoroughly enjoy getting involved […]

Women in Leading Positions but Basic Rights Still Denied

At the time of writing, the dust is still settling on the formation of the new Stormont cabinet. Arlene Foster has been successful in keeping her post as First Minister and two women – Claire Sugden and Michelle O’Neill – have been appointed as Ministers for the Department of Justice […]

Fight4Equality Calls for Action to Make Abortion Laws “Unenforceable”

Fight4Equality Calls for Action to Make Abortion Laws “Unenforceable”

Campaign group Fight4Equality has described the prosecution of a young women for accessing abortion pills as “ludicrous” and said that a movement must be built to “render anti-choice laws unenforceable and put the political establishment under huge pressure”, pointing to the abortion pill train action which openly defied the law. […]

Sex education stuck in the Dark Ages

“Don’t have sex as you will get pregnant and die;” a humorous line said by the gym teacher in the teen flick Mean Girls – but terrifyingly not that far removed from the sex education provided in Northern Ireland. Having gone to Catholic schools since the age of five, I […]