Women’s Rights

Establishment denies free access to abortion

“People power campaign needed to fight for the right to choose for all women” The Socialist Party has condemned today’s High Court ruling that women from Northern Ireland are not entitled to free abortion services in England as women in Britain do. Paddy Meehan, a local candidate election in South […]

Consultation on abortion law change too limited

Minister for Justice David Ford has called a public enquiry into possible changes to the laws governing abortions in Northern Ireland. This is a belated and only partial recognition that the law and politicians are lagging behind public opinion on this issue. Further changes are necessary to bring women’s rights […]

Review: Being & Being Bought by Kajsa Ekis Ekman

By Laura Fitzgerald Being and Being Bought: Prostitution, Surrogacy & the Split Self by Kajsa Ekis Ekman. As a socialist and women’s rights activist who continues to be perplexed, gob-smacked and horrified by the seemingly growing orthodoxy in left and feminist circles that Ekman entitles, “the story of the sex […]

Domestic violence: 3 reported cases every hour

By Ann Orr, In 2012, 1,220 racist attacks were reported to the PSNI. Reports of sectarian attacks numbered 2,261. In the same time frame more than 27,000 instances of domestic abuse were reported to the PSNI. This equates to around 3 every hour. In all three cases, reality is likely […]