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Brexit and the Irish Border: A Warning to the Workers’ Movement

On March 29th 2019 the United Kingdom is scheduled to leave the European Union. For seventeen months the British government and the EU negotiators have been struggling to reach a legally binding “withdrawal agreement” to govern the terms of UK withdrawal, including the “divorce bill” or the sum the UK pays to settle its obligations to the EU, and a “political declaration” outlining the basic shape of a final deal after further negotiations.

Socialism v Capitalism: FAQ

A new generation of young people, disgusted by the absurd inequality of capitalism, are rallying around socialist ideas. In response, capitalist ideologues have trailed out the same old, tired and baseless slogans to defend their system. But, isn’t capitalism human nature? How often have we heard this? That there is […]

October 1968 – mass revolt against sectarianism & poverty

Ensuring that such movements are armed with socialist ideas – of the importance of class unity, and conscious anti-sectarianism – is vital if these movements are to challenge the sectarian parties and transform society forever.