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Kingsmill Massacre – Forty Years On

Kingsmill Massacre – Forty Years On By Michael Cleary Early January marked the fortieth anniversary of some of the most horrific killings of the Troubles. On January 5th 1976, six Catholics-three Reavey brothers and three members of the O’Dowd family – were murdered by the Glenanne gang in south Armagh. […]

75th Anniversary of the assassination of Trotsky

Below we republish an old article to mark the 75th Anniversary of the assassination of Leon Trotsky ON 20 AUGUST, 1940, Leon Trotsky was struck a fatal blow with an ice-pick by Ramon Mercader, an agent sent to Mexico by Stalin’s secret police (the GPU) to murder the exiled revolutionary. […]

“an economy we own, a society we shape”: What is the socialist alternative?

The publication by NIPSA of a new document “an economy we own, a society we shape”, as part of the discussion in Northern Ireland’s largest union on the need for a “socialist economy”, is a very welcome step. The document was commissioned by the union’s General Council . The Council […]

When workers stood united

Striking against sectarianism There is a hidden history to the ‘Troubles’ in Northern Ireland. That is the role played by the organised workers’ movement in opposing sectarian violence and, at times, preventing it from spiralling out of control. MICHAEL CLEARY draws out the lessons of this vital struggle. The history […]

Socialist plan or capitalist chaos

What sort of new society are we struggling for? Trade unionists, socialists, youth and activists will celebrating this year’s May Day all around the world. It is customary for speakers at May Day events to talk about the need to resist capitalism. But what sort of society are we struggling […]