Solidarity with the CWU! – High Court ruling is an attack on workers’ rights

A postal worker responds to outrageous High Court decision. Solidarity with the CWU! Workers across the UK will rightly be angered by the High Court’s decision to back Royal Mail rather than 110,000 CWU member’s who overwhelming voted for strike action. Rather than engage with the union to resolve the […]

Abortion rights: The fight isn’t over yet!

By Niamh Galwey MPs at Westminster voted to introduce same-sex marriage and decriminalise abortion in Northern Ireland if the Stormont Assembly is not restored by 22 October. This is a historic time for us here in the North, but what exactly does this mean? The use of abortion pills will […]

What do Trump’s Trade and Tech Wars Mean for Global Capitalism?

The escalating U.S.-China conflict is nothing short of a major crisis for global capitalism. With negotiations having all but collapsed there seems to be no “exit ramp” from the trade war that began in July 2018. This crisis points to a prolonged and increasingly rancorous struggle with potentially serious global effects economically, politically, and even militarily.

After the death of Lyra McKee Trade Unions Must Show Way Forward

Socialist Party Statement, April 26th 2019 The killing of Lyra McKee on Thursday April 19th sent a wave of shock across Northern Ireland. Lyra was only 29 but had already made a name for herself as a journalist, an author and an activist. Whilst over 3,800 have died in the […]

Tory Brexit crisis: The labour movement must act!

The scale of the defeat in Westminster of Theresa May’s UK/EU withdrawal deal, by 432 votes to 202, was devastating. According to the Daily Telegraph it was a “complete humiliation”. The Guardian referred to it as a “historic defeat”, while the Mirror summed it up with “No deal; no hope; […]