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Karl Marx’s ecological socialism is a guide for today’s struggle

Too many socialists, even among those who like to see themselves as revolutionary Marxists, have been sadly late in discovering and understanding the ecological analysis of capitalism’s irreparable metabolic rift with the planet and nature that Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels began working on during the 1800s.

Chernobyl: A warning from history

With growing calls, including from some on the left, for nuclear fission to be widely harnessed as a means to shift away from fossil fuels and cut carbon emissions, HBO’s mini-series Chernobyl comes as a timely reminder of the colossal dangers associated with this technology.

Britain: EU election leaves main parties reeling

The European election in Britain – which was never meant to have taken place – saw the two main parties take a battering as voters largely used the poll to voice their opinion on Brexit.

Why you should join the socialists!

At this year’s state of the union address Donald Trump stated that “America will never be a socialist country.” More recently at a National Republican Congressional Committee Dinner, he declared that he will be running in 2020 to fight a “socialist takeover” of the United States and a prominent US […]