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Britain: EU election leaves main parties reeling

The European election in Britain – which was never meant to have taken place – saw the two main parties take a battering as voters largely used the poll to voice their opinion on Brexit.

Why you should join the socialists!

At this year’s state of the union address Donald Trump stated that “America will never be a socialist country.” More recently at a National Republican Congressional Committee Dinner, he declared that he will be running in 2020 to fight a “socialist takeover” of the United States and a prominent US […]

After the death of Lyra McKee Trade Unions Must Show Way Forward

Socialist Party Statement, April 26th 2019 The killing of Lyra McKee on Thursday April 19th sent a wave of shock across Northern Ireland. Lyra was only 29 but had already made a name for herself as a journalist, an author and an activist. Whilst over 3,800 have died in the […]

South: Nurses’ & midwives’ strike wins pay concessions Northern health unions should follow suit

In the South, nurses and midwives have secured significant concessions on pay from the Fine Gael government, following three days of strike action. They took the action against a miserly pay deal which failed to keep up with rising living costs. For example, housing costs in the South are increasing at 11% per year! This has pushed many to seek work abroad and contributed to increasing workloads on staff.

Labour defectors launch ‘Independent Group’

In late February, the long predicted Blairite split from the Labour Party – or at least its first wave – finally emerged, with the resignation of seven MPs to launch the so-called Independent Group. They were soon joined by one other from the Labour benches and three pro-EU Tories, including Anna Soubry.

Unionising young workers: Educate, agitate, organise

The supposed economic recovery and growing wealth inequality have made workers in all sectors more confident in demanding ‘their share’. International movements on issues of oppression, such as the #MeToo movement, have also given workers confidence to speak out against widespread sexual harassment, such as those leading the historic strike in McDonald’s in the US on the issue.