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Waterfront & Ulster Hall Workers Fight Privatisation

As of 3rd August, workers at both the Waterfront Hall and Ulster Hall have commenced industrial action to keep both venues within Belfast City Council. The action is supported by the three trade unions – NIPSA, Unite and SIPTU – who represent the overwhelming majority of workers at the two venues. Facilities […]

Row Over Bonfires Threatens to Set Sectarian Conflict Alight

In the late 1970s, a British minister let the cat out of the bag when he admitted that his government’s aim was an “acceptable level of violence”. Today the undeclared aims of the peace process are an acceptable level of sectarian division and of sectarian conflict. Thus, great efforts are […]

Unite against racist attacks

Speaking on the latest in a series of racist attacks in East Belfast Tommy Black, Socialist Party representative stated ” There is no support amongst the vast majority of people in East Belfast for the racist attacks we have witnessed over recent days. This latest attack in the My Ladys […]

SDLP: Scrounging Desperately for Landlords Party

Rent controls needed to stop racketeering landlords The SDLP has come under attack for fielding the head of the Landlords Association of Northern Ireland as a candidate in the local elections in South Belfast. Paddy Meehan, who is standing for the Socialist Party in the Botanic ward of Belfast, accused […]

No privatisation of leisure centres!

Unions must firmly oppose cuts agenda The decision by Belfast City Council’s 21stFebruary Strategic Policy and Resources Committee by 10 votes to 6 to outsource the entire leisure estate to a ‘Not For Profit’ organisation sent alarm bells ringing throughout the City Council workforce. This decision would have effectively meant […]

People’s Assembly meets in Belfast

On Tuesday the 3rd of December 2013 a meeting sponsored by UNITE the union and NIPSA the largest public sector union in the North took place at UNITE’S offices in North Belfast. The meeting was the first Peoples Assembly to be held here. Between eighty and ninety people attended. The […]

WARNING: No to privatisation of leisure centres

A major review of the entire leisure estate of Belfast city council has proposed 3 options: setting up a Not For Profit organisation or ‘social enterprise’ to take over the running of all leisure centres; outright privatisation or retaining everything in-house. Councillors decided late in 2013 to commission Deloitte to […]