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Ireland, the EU and the Brexit divorce deal- a socialist analysis

Ireland, the EU and the Brexit divorce deal- a socialist analysis

In December a question mark still hung over the future of the Brexit negotiations between the EU and Britain. This indicates the problems that will lie ahead for these negotiations in the coming months. The most important and contentious question was: What will be nature of the border between Northern Ireland and the South in the context of Britain leaving the Single Market and Customs Union? This constitutes the only land border between the EU and the UK.

By-election triumph marks turning point in anti-austerity struggle

By-election triumph marks turning point in anti-austerity struggle

Paul Murphy wins parliamentary seat as 100,000 march against water charges 12 October 2014 will be a day that’s remembered for years to come in Ireland. An estimated 100,000 marched in Dublin against the hated water charges. And on the same day, Paul Murphy, Socialist Party member and Anti Austerity […]

Irish capitalist state responsible for church terror

From the 1943 Cavan Fire in which 35 children and one adult perished after nuns refused to let girls escape to avoid them being seen in their night-gowns; to the enslavement of poor women in Magdalene Laundries, the last of which closed only in 1996; to the systemic cover-up of […]

Review: Jimmy’s Hall directed by Ken Loach

How dangerous could a parish hall with dance nights, boxing, singing lessons, poetry and art classes be? Ken Loaches new film “Jimmy’s Hall” shows how dangerous the Catholic Church considered one they didn’t control. The film is based on the true story of Jimmy Gralton, a socialist activist in Leitrim […]

Electoral surge against austerity in the South

Ireland was no exception to the general rejection of pro-austerity governments in the European elections. Three sets of elections took place on 23 May: Local elections across the country; European elections and two by-elections to the Irish parliament. These were the first nationwide elections since the coming to power of […]

Role of ‘Independent’ Newspapers in GSOC bugging scandal must be questioned

Paul Williams in the Irish Independent has been playing defence for the Gardaí and in particular Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan, since the GSOC bugging scandal broke. The Irish Independent has published article after article designed to deflect attention from the bugging of GSOC and to put pressure on the GSOC […]

Pantigate: End homophobia & Catholic right’s influence on RTE

The decision of RTE to apologise and pay damages to the Iona Institute over Rory O’Neill’s comments on the Saturday Night Show is a disgrace. Discrimination against LGBT people is homophobia, and Rory O’Neill was clear that it was in this context that he was using the word. It is […]