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Labour defectors launch ‘Independent Group’

Labour defectors launch ‘Independent Group’

In late February, the long predicted Blairite split from the Labour Party – or at least its first wave – finally emerged, with the resignation of seven MPs to launch the so-called Independent Group. They were soon joined by one other from the Labour benches and three pro-EU Tories, including Anna Soubry.

Britain: The battle for Labour’s future continues

Britain: The battle for Labour’s future continues

The dramatic surge in support for Labour in the general election pulled the rug from under Corbyn’s opponents within the party. By conceding on the demand for a more radical manifesto, they believed they had provided Corbyn enough to hang himself.

Labour Party leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn applauds the audience and supporters during a rally in London, Britain September 10, 2015. Britain's opposition Labour Party is voting for a new leader in a contest that polls indicate will be won by Corbyn, a veteran fan of Karl Marx who has upstaged rivals by promising a shift back to the party's socialist roots. REUTERS/Peter Nicholls      TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY      - RTSJJN

Corbyn’s manifesto: An important step in the right direction

Mobilise to fight for socialist change Jeremy Corbyn has launched his manifesto by declaring Labour is the “party for the many” while the Tories are the “party of the rich”. The leaking of Labour’s draft manifesto broke through the right-wing media’s relentless assaults on Corbyn, and brought the policies into […]

How ‘red’ is Ed?

Time to gather forces for a real workers’ alternative is now By Peter Taaffe, from Socialism Today (November 2013 issue) A few popular, focus-group tested words by Ed Miliband at Labour Party conference have had an electrifying effect. The Tories and their rabid right-wing press howl in indignation, while the […]

Urgent – Trade unions must build a political voice for the working class

“If others want to stick around and be insulted by those whose only interest is our money and not our ideas then that’s a matter for them.” RMT general secretary Bob Crow made it clear that the Labour leadership’s attack on the unions, and Unite in particular, should be a […]