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Trade union rights under attack in civil service

Trade union rights under attack in civil service

NIPSA trade union activists in the civil service are currently engaged in a struggle to defend what is known as “facility time” to continue to effectively represent their members and to engage in the internal activities necessary to the democracy of any trade union.

Civil service bosses attack trade union reps

By Brian Booth The management of the Northern Ireland Civil Service (NICS) is attempting to severely curtail the activity of workplace representatives of NIPSA, the largest public sector union in the North. In a move that mirrors the Tory attacks on the PCS union in Britain, the NICS is attacking the […]

NIPSA Conference: Union Takes Bold Stand

NIPSA is Northern Ireland’s largest trade union, representing public sector workers. Socialist Party members in the union take part in NIPSA Broad Left, which has held a majority on the General Council in recent years and ensured that NIPSA has been to the forefront in resisting austerity. NIPSA played a […]