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Pacemaker Press Belfast 07-11-2017: The Independent Public Inquiry into the Non Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Scheme started on Tuesday 7 November 2017 in the Senate Chamber, Parliament Buildings, Stormont Estate, Belfast. The InquiryÕs Chairman, the Right Honourable Sir Patrick Coghlin, commenced proceedings with a short opening address. Mr David Scoffield QC, Senior Counsel to the Inquiry, will then begin his opening statement which is expected to continue for most of the week.
Picture By: Arthur Allison.

RHI inquiry throws light on Stormont’s rotten culture

Allegations are flying about who was responsible and who knew what in regards to the Renewable Heating Incentive scheme (RHI), which saw businesses like the Ferrari showroom in Belfast being kept cosy at a profit using public funds. A brother and two cousins of former DUP special advisor Andrew Crawford acquired 11 boilers under RHI. Crawford admitted sending a confidential document on the scheme to a cousin. This has rightfully provoked a huge outpouring of anger, aimed at the DUP in particular, who looked to be tied to the schemes implementation.