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Free Ali Feruz, LGBT+ activist in Russia

Free Ali Feruz, LGBT+ activist in Russia

At the start of August, Ali Feruz – trade unionist, LGBT+ activist and journalist for an opposition newspaper in Russia – was unjustly arrested and threatened with deportation to Uzbekistan. Through his position as a journalist, he exposed how migrant workers and national groups are discriminated against in the country. […]

Crimea breaks away to join Russia

  Tensions between powers worsen Crimea’s 16 March referendum saw an overwhelming majority vote in favour of joining Russia. According to the claimed official result, 96.77% voted ‘for’ integration and turnout was 83.1%. Tens of thousands celebrated in Simferopol, the capital of Crimea. On 17 March, the regional parliament declared […]

Russian troops take up positions throughout Crimea

Tensions deepen between Western powers and Moscow At least 6,000 Russian troops have taken up positions throughout the Crimean peninsula, formally an autonomous republic of Ukraine. The Russian regime claims it took this action following a request from the Crimean government to intervene in defence of the rights of Russian […]

Sochi Winter Olympics: Breaking all records!

Sporting excellence, yes…but also corruption, waste, atrocious workers’ conditions and anti-LGBT laws The 2014 Winter Olympic Games, held in Sochi, are being watched by millions around the world. Beyond the sporting excellence, however, the event is surrounded by controversy over corruption, huge waste, atrocious workers’ rights and anti-LGBT legislation. When […]