Southern establishment parties offer no alternative for the North

Southern establishment parties offer no alternative for the North

There is an urgent need for a genuinely cross-community, left-wing labour force in Northern Ireland. The surge in membership of the British Labour Party locally in response to Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership shows the potential such a party could have if the trade union movement swung its weight behind the project. However, to break through the sectarian morass, a labour alternative here will need to be both anti-sectarian and also adopt left and anti-austerity policies, rather than the failed politics of Blairism or the Irish Labour Party.

SDLP: Scrounging Desperately for Landlords Party

Rent controls needed to stop racketeering landlords The SDLP has come under attack for fielding the head of the Landlords Association of Northern Ireland as a candidate in the local elections in South Belfast. Paddy Meehan, who is standing for the Socialist Party in the Botanic ward of Belfast, accused […]

SDLP Conference rejects ban on fracking

By Donal O’Cofaigh, Ban Fracking Fermanagh The recent exposure of the fact that the SDLP party membership voted down a motion calling for a ban on fracking is a disappointment to campaigners opposed to this destructive industry. The SDLP’s position has been characterised by a deep sense of political opportunism […]