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US: Socialists score victories as resistance to Trump rises

US: Socialists score victories as resistance to Trump rises

Millions of workers and young people are not satisfied with the Democratic Party strategy of “wait till November” (for midterm elections) to challenge Trump and are actively organising to combat his anti-labour, anti-women and anti-migrant policies.

Bonfire debate can ignite conflict

Bonfire debate can ignite conflict

In the aftermath of the Eleventh Night bonfires last year, Belfast City Council passed a Sinn Féin motion authorising the forced clearing of bonfire sites. When this policy was implemented against an anti-internment bonfire in the Divis area of west Belfast, it led to small-scale rioting. If there is an attempt to do the same this year in Protestant areas – where there is generally more support for bonfires – it will provoke a fierce reaction.

With graphic posters and signs some thousands of Moroccans protest against the death of Mouhcine Fikri last Friday, in the northern city of Hoceima in Rabat, Morocco, Sunday, Oct. 30, 2016.  Crowds of Moroccans are protesting, seemingly incensed by the death of a fisherman crushed to death in a garbage truck. (AP Photo/Abdeljalil Bounhar)

Morocco: A new Arab Spring?

On 28th October 2016, a fish trader, Mohsen Fikri, was murdered in Al-Hoceima in the Rif region of northern Morocco following a police check. The appalling images of his death caused great anger and launched one of the largest protest movements in Morocco since the Arab Spring mobilisations in 2011.

Trump Presidency Facing Resistance from Below

By Sean Burns The early phase of the Trump presidency has been marked by instability for the capitalist class. Huge pressure is mounting from below as workers, women, young people and oppressed groups are organising to resist his agenda. His Blitzkrieg approach of issuing multiple Executive Orders attacking immigrant rights, […]

Corbyn’s Victory Must be Built Upon

By Sean Burns, South Belfast Labour Alternative Jeremy Corbyn’s re-election to the Labour leadership with an increased majority – despite a bureaucratic witch-hunt and a campaign of media slander – is a powerful testimony to the popularity of left-wing, anti-austerity policies. It represented a blow to the interests of the establishment […]