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Row Over Bonfires Threatens to Set Sectarian Conflict Alight

In the late 1970s, a British minister let the cat out of the bag when he admitted that his government’s aim was an “acceptable level of violence”. Today the undeclared aims of the peace process are an acceptable level of sectarian division and of sectarian conflict. Thus, great efforts are […]

Sectarian parties cannot stop sectarian attacks

Sectarian parties cannot stop sectarian attacks

A young boy (15) who was attacked in October, after he came to visit his grandmother in hospital who is terminally ill, suffered two fractures to his skull and cuts and bruises to his face after he was assaulted along the Albertbridge Road in East Belfast. The attack took place […]

Unite to stop sectarian attacks

On 22nd August at 9:30pm a 10 man gang claiming to be from the “Highfield UDA” and armed with hammers and machetes broke into the home of Dee Sturgeon and (in front of his partner and 11 week old baby) attempted to murder him. His injuries were so bad he […]