Joining the Socialist Party presented a great opportunity for me to meet like-minded people who are campaigning around major issues in society such as cuts to the NHS, abortion rights and workers’ rights, as well as many other issues.

The party isn’t backed by big business, it’s not made up of establishment politicians  who represent the interests of the richest 1%. It’s there to represent the people and help create a mass movement to end the tyranny of capitalism, allowing us to create a fair and equal society where everyone has the right to the best possible medical care, where everyone has equal opportunity to be educated without the worry of a massive debt over their heads.

The Socialist Party helps me envision a society that looks after the environment by managing it sustainably and not destroying it, a society where everyone can love without the fear of being persecuted and where women have the right to choose what they want to do with their own bodies. The Socialist Party offered the chance for me to be educated and to learn about key problems that, as a society, we are facing and must fight on. The party allows for expansion of your base of knowledge and gives you an even more in-depth perspective as to what socialism really is and how it can allow us to develop and become a better society for the many, not the few. Join us today!

by Brendan Lenfesty


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